How to make my own homemade Harry Styles cardigan?

Ever since the designers and stylists of the famous pop singer Harry Styles made it known, girls from all over the planet have been wearing it in various parts of the world . You have landed on , the one that makes impossible dreams possible

What impossible dream are we talking about? It is about something particular. In the first place, because you are going to wear a cardigan in a warm place , but hey, if you wear it, and underneath it the bikini, and a little lower the pants, it will be just like the video we are thinking about at the same time what do we write

We give you more clues. There is a fruit, a red color, with a skin that surrounds it in black and many girls carry it, even Harry takes a bite of it . Already if you took it out, no? We tell you, we can’t resist anymore: This is the music video Watermelon Sugar, one of Harry Styles’ musical successes that one of the owners of our team loves

From him, precisely, comes the idea of ​​creating this article, where you will learn how to knit the cardigan in the Harry Styles style. What is that impossible that you have to do? Take a self-selfie on the same lawn where at the end of the video all the girls dance with Harry, with his particular slice of melon . It is a promise that we amend as proof that you have successfully completed the craft!

Materials you need to make your own Harry Styles-style cardigan

  • Measuring tape
  • Tapestry needle
  • Six millimeter hook
  • Pair of scissors
  • Buttons
  • Yellow thread
  • Black thread
  • Green thread
  • Blue thread
  • Red thread
  • Orange thread

As we do not want to burden you with text anymore, we are going to put you the video where it details all the materials you need. First of all, we wanted to thank Ange Ibarra for allowing us to publish her video in this section. Now, let’s go with the explanation:

The first thing you are going to proceed is step 0. What does it consist of? Measure the radius of the female bust and the length of the torso . To proceed to measure the radius of the bust, grab the tape measure from one of the sides, and pass the tape measure through the highest part of the female bust , the nipple, that we are not afraid to say it hehe, and, on the other hand , the height, place it in the part of the shoulders, again passes through both nipples until it reaches the part of the hips

This works exactly like this because the cardigan, as you well know, is looser than normal compared to other garments. PS: You can put the video to translate into English . We selected this video because of its short duration and how easy it is to understand. Placing the video at minute 0:38 , you can see two things: the first is the total size in cm of the bust, and on the other hand, what the length of the cardigan will be

To know how many squares you have to weave, you are going to do the following: The size measurement in centimeters that comes out of the bust, you are going to divide it by 12 . Why twelve? Because he is the total number of squares that your cardigan will have. This division will allow you to know what measurements in length and height this box must have, with the sole purpose of making the garment look uniform. Throughout, you will have four squares. Therefore, you are going to divide the length of your figure by 4 . Both results will allow you to start knitting the squares

For you to understand it, you are going to have to make a total of 48 squares, 12 frames across and 4 across . That is why the bust size is measured between twelve and the length of the upper torso between four. The resulting figures from both divisions will allow you to know how wide the box has to be, and how long it has to be . In the video example, the box is 8.5cm wide (division of the bust contour by 12) and 14cm (division of the contour of the cardigan by 4)

How do I proceed when making the boxes? Set the video at 1:30 . Put your index and middle finger horizontally. Later, make a roll. When you have the circle, pass the rope underneath until you have a kind of rope knotted at the bottom and a completely free part , as if it were a weapon to hang yourself (minute 1:38)

Now, to make the chains, you are going to grab an awl and the rope on the left side, you are going to pass it over, that is, you are going to grab the strand below the awl, then you pass it to the top, until you take it to the end and leave these two knotted together . He places the video at minute 2:24 , which is when he explains this in a more detailed way. First, grab the strand underneath, then go over the top and tuck inside

As we know that text is difficult to understand, we invite you to watch that specific part of the video so that you understand how to tie the thread. You will have to knit yellow, red, green, black, orange squares, a square of mixed red and black yarns for the front and back of the garment (not including the sleeves). What amount? You will need 8 pieces of this double-toned box, 8 orange pieces, 6 black pieces, 8 green pieces, 8 uniform red pieces and 10 yellow pieces

How many squares do you need to make up the Harry Styles-style cardigan sleeves? 6 pieces in green, 4 pieces in orange, 4 pieces in red-black, 4 pieces in yellow, 2 pieces in red and 4 pieces in black . You are going to start by joining the pieces that will overflow in front and behind the cardigan. Placing the video at minute 6:10 , you will be able to see an example of this

Place both pieces one on top of the other, as if they were looking at each other , as you can see at minute 6:22 . Afterwards, grab your sewing needle from one of the two thread ends . Here you have to make an important distinction: ALWAYS make sure that you have the rest of the thread in all the boxes. Thus, you will have margin to be able to sew and that the sewing process does not cost you so much

Next, grab from one of the ends (vertices) of the square with your index finger and thumb, and with the other hand, grab the needle . Just insert the needle as seen at minute 6:34 . You have to insert the needle into the successive openings present in the squares, the result of winding the thread . This you have to pass in each of these openings, ensuring that everything is uniform and stylized, no areas exempt from passing the needle. At minute 6:52 you will be able to see the final result of this seam. Something like that has to stay

In what order are you going to sew the squares on the front of the cardigan? At the front, the bottom row should have a square of green, red, orange, yellow, green, and double color. All this, like the succession of colors that we are going to tell you next, starts from right to left. The row just above has a box of yellow, double color, green, black, double color, and yellow. The next row, double color, yellow, black, red, orange, black. Topmost row, orange, red, yellow, orange, red, green box

In that order, it’s how you have to put all the pieces together. Look at yourself from minute 7:00 to minute 7:06 so you can see the order of the boxes from top to bottom in a more dynamic way . Of all the squares that we have named, the rows on the right side comprise the right front layer of the garment, and the rows on the left side comprise the left rear layer of the garment, culminating in the rear part, the area of ​​the back

In what order are you going to sew the squares on the back of the cardigan? The topmost row, starting from the right, as we have done before, you have green, red, orange, yellow, red and orange. The next row, black, orange, red, black, yellow, double color. Next, yellow, double color, black, green, another double color, and yellow. The last row, the double color, green, yellow, orange, red and green. From minute 7:35 to minute 8:08 you can see in detail the exact order of the boxes

In the back, you will have 24 squares, the result of multiplying 6 squares across the width and 4 along the length, while in the front, you will obviously have another 24 squares, 12 squares distributed on the right side and left, the result of multiplying each one independently in 3 squares across and 4 squares across. Once you join both pieces from the front to the back, you will proceed to join the sleeves. The mangotes must have three squares across the width and two along the length, that is, one above and one below , as seen at minute 9:18

The order of the colors of the right side sleeve (right sleeve), starting from the stitching point in the armpit area, is: green and yellow, then yellow and black, and finally, double-color box and green . These squares are the ones you are going to join together with the layer on the front right of the torso. To join them, first you are going to place the green and orange squares facing down on the right layer, sewing it at the end. You have to have something similar to what you see at minute 9:42 . Now, the order of the colors of the left side sleeve (left sleeve), starting, as always, from the armpit area, is: double color and yellow, green and red, and black and orange

All we just told you is the front, both of the capes and of the arms. Now we go with the back part, because it uses a different order in the boxes. For the right sleeve, you have the following order, starting from the armpit: green and orange, yellow and black, and double color and green. For the left sleeve, you have the following order: double color and yellow, green and red, and black and orange . What is coming now? Join the two layers and front sleeves with the layer and back sleeves, to later sew them. At minute 11:07 you can see exactly how it has to be sewn on you

What are we missing? The button panel at the front, and the bottom edge of both sleeves and the bottom edge of the garment. To do this, you are going to use a blue thread for the button panel and a red thread for the trim. Part the video at minute 11:35 . It is the easiest way to understand how you have to proceed when knitting. It is the same as you did to create each of the boxes

You have to have something like what is seen at minute 14:25 . You have to proceed the same way when knitting the edges of the lower end of the cardigan. You still have to upholster the edge of the end of both layers of the garment , the area of ​​the button panel and the zipper so that you understand us. To do this, you are going to make a double line of strands at each of the ends. The procedure you have to follow here is the same one used when knitting the edges and each of the squares. You can include buttons or not. That to taste

Going back to the beginning, we told you that you have to achieve the impossible. Impossible for you was at first to make a cardigan of the very Harry Style with your own hands. Now you have. Well, as we are, we are going for something more challenging, something that makes us confirm that you fulfilled the promise we told you: you are going to go to google maps. Doesn’t this picture sound like something to you?

The grass, the bushes in the background … if we have not made human error, we have found the place where just Harry Styles and all the women delighted that juicy watermelon in the famous music video for Watermelon Sugar! Well, the challenge consists of the following: go to this same area or surroundings, take a selfie posing with your fingers or whatever you want and pass the photo to us at or to the contact form

BEWARE, there are no tricks here, before you have to watch us pass a couple of photos where you can be seen, at home, doing the cardigan . Who does not say that you buy it, already all sewn, and pass us the photo, so that we think that you have done it? PS: Entering the one where Harry Styles and company appeared costs what it costs …

Therefore, for those women who cannot afford so many luxuries, if you take a photo on the beach and just in the photo you can see that you are in Malibur, perfect. This option is offered by Instagram, more specifically Instagram stories or when uploading a photo to the feed. Go there and give us a photo, video, whatever you want

The important thing is that we see you shine with that singular cardigan in that unique place in California. Let’s see if it’s true that you’ve designed your own Harry Styles-style cardigan and you keep our promise! If you comply, you will appear on our online site 😊