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What models of cardigans for womens do we currently have for sale in the online market?

Cardigans for women with buttons

Section sold in various stores such as or In this section we are going to deal with three models of button up cardigans very different in color.

We can have from two buttons to 4 buttons, being larger or smaller, in different shades of colors and even with different designs

Cardigan for women with buttons in lilac fuchsia

A color like pink but without being so. The most disruptive color of any section of cardigans with feminine buttons. It stands out for having the most predominant notch , but without being in the kaftan style. Its buttons are tinted in a dark hue , which is in tune with the garment, that is, it does not stand out excessively

The type of collar used in this garment is the longest of all, the one that most reveals the female bust. If you are one of those women who stands out for having a large female bust , buy this model. It is the opportunity to enhance them like never before 🔥

Cardigan for women with buttons in cream color

With this model, you go from having a design in an eight-point strand finish, which has been nothing more than different designs in the same layer: linear designs, skein designs and designs leaving a series of openings . The buttons become darker in color and larger in radius

This model has a slightly shorter notch and the neckline is not as low-cut as the fuchsia model. It has a much denser material, which allows you to warm yourself more. Given its color, it is perfect to dress it in the middle of the afternoon where the sun does not shine fully. If you are one of those women who loves to walk in the middle of the afternoon close to night , buy this model

Women’s cardigan with green buttons

Undoubtedly the most attractive in the segment . We also have a larger button panel, 4 , with a button size that remains with respect to the previous model. The design, with the naked eye, is seen to be purely linear with the extreme and left edges of each of them in slightly punched designs

Right at the neck edge and the lower end of the garment, we have a horizontal design of lines (neck area and button panel) and vertically (lower end of the garment). It is one of the ones with the least low neckline . If you usually go for a walk at peak times of the day , you have to choose this model

Short cardigans for women

These models reach the level of the navel, above it or below it. Some may even get to the area near the busts

The models that we will discuss here come from the section:

Short cardigan for women in light blue color

The most colorful of all , and without any fear we say that this square design in almost the entire garment, we see very little present in these models. It is a fact that paintings for both men and women are luxurious, in addition to giving a formal style to your look

The design of squares is seen throughout the garment, except for the trim on the neck and the lower end , where we have a smoothed vertical design with successions of blue and off-white lines. You have 3 buttons tinted in blue. If you were looking for a short cardigan with formal style , choose this model

Short cardigan for women in blue black

Who has not ever worn black? Far from being a color that they say out there is bad luck, the truth is that black gives you presence, integrity, character, synonyms that, a priori, have to be worn by a woman with personality . And women without personality can wear it too!

You have 4 buttons in a smaller size and tinted in the same shade of the cape. You can take it at peak times of the day or on special days like Halloween . If you are one of the women who like a classic look , with this model you will achieve it

Short cardigan for women in gray-blue color

The first thing that stands out about this model is the spacing of the buttons, or rather, the separation between each of them , which is not the case with the other models, where the separation is negligible. The thickness of the fabric of this cardigan is very light, so it is not advisable to wear it as little as it does something fresh

Its color, in a kind of light gray, is one of the most striking of the entire section of womanish cardigans of . In terms of its design, it is uniform, with gray, white and black shading, and some trim on the neck, which stands out slightly for its vertical design. If you want to have a cardigan destined for cloudy or gray days , choose this model

Hooded cardigans for women

Who says hoods are for men out there? There are also them for women, those who want to go unnoticed or dress in a more normal way, without attracting anyone’s attention.

Another section taken from They are not the only stores we look at, here we have space for everyone. As you inquire on our website, you will see it 😉

Cardigan with hood for women in camel color

A cream as risque . More or less this is how this color can be defined, being one of the newest in the entire catalog of effeminate cardigans from Its design is uniform, where suspended pieces of thread stand out . No, they are not sequins, it is the micro-fiber design that it has

It has two very predominant pockets to store all kinds of accessories , and the material itself provides super good shelter. It is perfect to take it indoors, if you are at home, you are cold and want to warm up with style, or for example if you go shopping at the nearby supermarket, with a nuance: that the day is cloudy. If you want a feminine hooded cardigan for rainy days , choose this model

Charcoal Women’s Hooded Cardigan

Coal, oh no, get out of my sight! This anticipates that with this model you will not have stock because you will not have it for sale, we have prohibited it from nordstrom for misbehaving. Hahaha, obviously not 😜. The Magi have come , and they have done it to give you their particular coal, the good one, the one we all want, hehe

We still have two predominant pockets and a micro-fiber ball design that sticks. It is ideal to take it at dawn a few hours ago, such as if you are going to go to university from very early at 7 am or for breakfast in a pub near where you live. If you want a casual look hooded cardigan , choose this model

Women’s hooded cardigan in granite color

With this model two things change: the first is the area of ​​the trims, from the neck to the bottom . And the second is that we have 3 large buttons, upholstered in the same tonality . The design of the trims is in horizontal stripes, with a slight separation, and just at the lower end, bordering on the pelvis, the garment culminates with a semi-sphere-shaped finish.

On the hat, at the top, it has a vertical striped design. The same goes for the grips and the bottom end. Sticking to design, it is one of the most beautiful in this section. If you want to give a garment color to that loved one who is not expecting it , opt for this model

Cardigans with belt for women

The thing is a non-stop. Another unique and exclusive section that is taken from the chistorra. This time, models that have added belts for those women who want to break that classic look of button fastening, and want to do it in a more contemporary, more modern way.

These are one of the 3 most popular colors in the catalog of cardigans with belts for women:

Cardigan with belt for women in gray

An appearance like granules, with shaded areas and others lighter , being one of the best known designs, not only in this garment, but in any other type of garment. You do not have any type of button panel, you do not have pockets and you do have handles that stand out from the rest due to a linear design

The belt also breaks slightly from the design line, being in a squared finish. Throughout the garment, we see a design of successions of vertical stripes throughout the entire garment, from the front and back, like both sleeves. Those women who want to dress with a modern look from 7 am to 11 am , this is the model they have to choose

Cardigan with belt for women in ivory color

The tonality used in this cardigan is in another dimension. Those women who are rumberas or want to wear it on a special day, such as Christmas, New Years, New Years Eve or their birthday , you have the perfect model. The first thing is its super minimalist design, with horizontal stripes on the back of the front layer.

Its notch is what makes it ideal to wear on those days that we put you on: it reaches the middle of the femur . In the section itself, the model is wearing heels, evidencing what we told you beforehand. We recommend that you wear it at night , where that color will contrast greatly with the time of day, night in this case.

Women’s hazelnut cardigan with belt

This section is in tune with the previous one. If we previously told you that you have the most elegant cardigan to dress at night, you are going to have the most elegant one to wear at daytime: a velvety-like hazelnut design, with light white thread points that give the garment a touch.

A super disruptive design that is evidenced in things like its price, close to $ 150 . The shape of the front layers changes: a low-cut neckline with an almost closed circle shape, except for the central part , which is where the back of the front layers protrude a little, just at the top part.

Long cardigans for women

Section taken from the catalog of cardigans for women from H&M, one of the best-known clothing stores worldwide

Those women who have features from Middle Eastern countries or are going to go to some of these countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates), is the perfect occasion for you to buy that cardigan adjusted to those next trips that you will make

For American and Australian women, all those who do not like to dress with a light and not tight look, not encouraged by travel reasons, you also have your favorite model

Long cardigan for women in dark gray

It is the same design that we saw above, with the particularity that this model has a button panel in a black color with light tones, up to a total of 6 buttons, an equally low-cut neck, neither too small nor too big, and looser sleeves. than normal , according to the superb size of the design

The hems at the bottom end and the sleeves are twice as high as many of those we see knitted in other models . Its notch reaches almost to the height of the knees, making it one of the shortest women’s cardigans in the segment. Those women who go for a walk in the early hours of the morning , choose this model

Long cardigan for women in beige

A disruptive design of reliefs, very little seen in any other section that we are dealing with . This, together with its notch, which reaches the height of the lower end of the femur, almost in the area near the ankles, and the color it uses, makes them one of the most demanded models by those women who want to dress with a feminine long size cardigan with personality

If you are a black woman, you will have two in one: not only presence, but it will stand out more, due to the dark tone of your skin. It has neither buttons nor pockets. If you go to destinations like Rome and take a selfie in the pure Roman Colosseum, if something has it is presence , with that model you are going to make an insurmountable double presence

Long cardigan for women in taupe color

The most classic female long cardigan in the segment . Its notch is one of the longest, almost close to the ankle, and generally, it is bought by those women who have emigrated from other Arab countries who want to keep that covered look so present in those countries , with the particularity of not wearing the veil.

This model does have two pockets, so it is designed to be used on all kinds of occasions, not just for going out for a walk. For example, if you go shopping and need a place to store your wallet. If you want to have a cardigan destined to worship someone , choose this model

What models of cardigans for mens do we currently have for sale in the online market?

Cardigans for men with buttons

Straight from, men’s button-down cardigans couldn’t be without. It is a classic in men’s fashion.

Fully buttoned, you will be able to enhance the figure of your shoulders and pectorals, even if you are not strong or do not stand out excessively. These are the most popular colors in this section:

Men’s button-down cardigan in gray

A shade that is neither too light nor too dark, totally neutral, perfect to wear in the middle of the morning, between 10 am and 12 pm and 6 pm-8pm in the afternoon . Be careful, this last strip that we have named you is applicable if it is summer. Don’t even think about wearing it at night unless it’s for business purposes

If you have a YouTube channel of , what do we know, review products, with this color you will enhance , in addition to what was said above, the attention of users . This, combining it with your good ability to communicate, let it be clear. You have 4 buttons in the same color and two standard-size pockets.

Men’s cardigan with buttons in beige

Its design is completely smoothed and you now have a third button in the upper left part, above the left pectoral , unlike the previous model, which only had two pockets in the middle of the belly. The buttons come in a tonality and you have a greater number of them, with up to a total of 5

On the edges of the sleeves and pockets, you have a design of successions of vertical lines, seen in many other models both in the male and female sector. If you are in the middle of the university stage , opt for this model, it will look great for the occasion

Men’s cardigan with buttons in navy blue

This model is not just any navy blue, it is an exclusive masculine cardigan, with a design that we do not see in any other department that we deal with, Amazon, Nordstrom, H&M, Asos … It is like a design of artichoke leaf stems, in the thickness, with that kind of semi-rounded base at the bottom, and totally rectangular at the top

We may not have hit the nail on the head of what its shape is, but it is the closest we can find. The thinnest lines are in navy blue, while the thickest lines are in an off-white tone. If you want the most daring cardigan for men with buttons in the entire segment , choose this model

Long Cardigans For Men With Hood

H&M exclusive section. Those who want to look like an inspector or chief of staff, these models will come in handy.

They are also used in a more informal way in music videos by… We’ll tell you below!

Long black hooded cardigan for men

Do you know Faded ? A song that AW composed… Do you already get it from the lyrics? Well, a model similar to this one I use in his music video clip, to give a kind of darkness, fear, totally covered as if it were a ghost or bloodthirsty. On the neck, it has two laces that will help you adjust your torso to the exact measurement of your figure

It has a completely smoothed finish, and lacks a button panel and pockets . It is designed to be worn loosely, that is to say, that you wear at least a loose garment underneath. Those men who want the long hooded cardigan with the most classic style , choose this model

Long gray hooded cardigan for men

Another one of those colors that does not fail among men with dark complexions. Why do we mention them and not the white ones? First we have reserved a color for those with white skin, so relax, there is room for everyone. It is chosen a lot among dark-skinned men due to the double effect it creates: contrast and personality.

Its design is still very minimalist, lacking any type of accessory and ideal to wear at any time of the day, but especially in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon , except for peak hours of the day. If you have super dark or very brown skin , opt for this model

Men’s long cardigan with hood in ribbed color

This hue is like a cream color but lighter. All those men who have a somewhat brown or white complexion, these models will suit you wonderfully . A priori it might seem that you are joining two very white tones. The truth is that yes, but two ways of interpreting the clear in a color

It would not look so good if you have a slightly white or very white complexion, and we recommend a white model. If you are going to go partying with your colleagues at the disco, sign up for this color because you are going to divert more than one glance. Those men who want to wear the most colorful long cardigan with a hood , buy this model

Cardigans for men with square design

Who has not ever worn the quadrangular design on a garment? We have it present in shirts, pants and even in ties or bow ties. A square design enhances the vitality of man

We find these types of models in many stores, but three stand out above the rest: two from the American giant Amazon and one from the exclusive store, which we will also collaborate so that you have the most exclusive garments from each store

These are the colors that stand out the most in this section:

Mens cardigan with square design in dark green

Not only this color, there are several colors that this article comes exclusively from Amazon, which stands out for having the horizontal and vertical lines that form the squares in a black tone, for having a zipper-like closure system and an interior design the same look in square, but this time with a mixture of squares in white, black and gray

This design is woven of wool, which makes it an ideal garment to wear in winter , not only because the tones match the time of year, but because you will feel the sensation of a lot of insulation against the cold . It has two pockets with their opening in a slightly oblique arrangement and a size large enough to store the smartphone on one side, and the wallet on the other. You don’t have this square design on the sleeves. If you want the cardigan in the most classic square design , choose this model

Cardigan for men with square design in brown

Striped designs in a thin thickness in white, with a pure brown hue. Can you imagine that combination? Do not imagine, it is reality, you have it in stock. Another exclusive Amazon model that, without a doubt, is chosen as one of the most colorful men’s cardigans in a square design of the American giant and the entire network.

On the edges of the sleeves, the lower end of the garment and next to the area of ​​the cape where the button panel resides, you have a single stripe. In the rest of the garment , squares of a very loose size are formed with successions of triple horizontal and vertical stripes . Finally, the fabric for the collar flange and button panel comes in a vertical line pattern. If you are going to go to a sporting event , opt for this model

Cardigan for men with navy blue square design

The most minimalist of all and the most deferred in design. Its squares become oblique, forming sequences of rhombuses . The lines that distinguish the diamonds of the garment come in shades of somewhat dark green. It has a total of 3 buttons, tinted in the same color as the garment. Its fabric is fine, so it is not advisable to wear it without wearing something thermal or to keep you warm, in case you wear it in winter

Its high price of $ 130 is because it comes from an exclusive clothing brand called Farah, in addition to Asos, which provides premium clothing. In fact, the brand’s insignia is embedded in the upper left. Those who want to take a look for more unnoticed, not so striking or prefer the oblique square outlined, seen more en masse, choose this model.

Cardigans for men to represent different festivities

Who was going to say it, a section whose cardigans have prints according to dates marked on the calendar by everyone

Amazon, once again, has made this possible, and we, as the most specialized cardigan store that we are, could not let it go unnoticed.

Surprise your boyfriend, brother or male loved one on the same day that these three festivities are celebrated that we name below:

Christmas Mens Cardigan

And not only in color that you expect, red, the one that Santa Claus refers to. You also have it available in gray, navy blue, black and green . Take it now. A color for each day: navy blue on New Year’s Eve, black on Christmas Eve and red on December 25.

All the garments in this section stand out for having a reindeer design, outlines of triangles looking up and down, a linear design on the edges of the button panel , with thicker lines on the edges of the lower end, outlines of snowflakes at the bottom and a neck flap with horizontal line designs. Those who really feel what Christmas is or are a couple and want to go to game on these dates so marked , opt for this model

Men’s Halloween Cardigan

The design of this cardigan is the same as the one for Christmas, unlike the sketch used, which goes from being a reindeer to a pumpkin with a half-open mouth and not very baggy eyes . The tonality is the same as that of the pumpkin, and in the lower part, it has the outline of successions of skeleton figures. In the back, the pumpkins face right

While in the front, on the right side the pumpkin faces left, and on the left side the pumpkin faces right . You have different shades of orange, with skeletons differentiated by their whitish tone and a black background, with flanges on the sleeves, lower end, button area and collar sole, which does not leave the context of linear design. Choose this model only those who really feel the spirit of Halloween

Carnival men’s cardigan

A colorful design, of a childish nature, according to the time of the year it commemorates. This model is also exclusive to Amazon , although it does not have as much stock as the men’s Christmas and Halloween cardigan. It has sketches of clowns, mermaids and even science fiction characters like Batman or Dragon Ball

This model is usually intended for the youngest children. Even so, there are cardigan models for men of a nature with carnival sketches. Some of them even come with a hood and a fur design, in order to complement it with a wolf mask or the animal you want. If you want to go to the Carnival game in a more formal way , this model must be in your wardrobe.

Cardigans for men in vertical stripes design

The ideal model to wear in serious situations, such as a meeting, at the university, if you work in a branch office or if you simply like the formal style. All models stand out for having a seam-free area, which is the one that looks like stripes in the distance

All stand out for having completely smoothed neck lapels and button panel edges, breaking with the design in vertical lines and giving an extra touch to the garment.

In addition, they have a double pocket located on both sides of the front layer and buttons, responding to that purpose of firmness, seriousness, in a greater or lesser number. These are some of the most popular colors on Amazon:

Mens vertical stripe design cardigan in wine red

The model worn by office workers par excellence . Why? This color, a subtle red, without being very noticeable, gives it a delayed appearance of darkness. A briefcase color is usually black, with an opaque tone, responding to that need for seriousness. But what if you give that seriousness with a different opaque touch?

If underneath it, you wear it with a white shirt and a black tie with black, white and colors similar to wine red, you are going to give your look a triple uniformity that few from that office will wear. say none . Its fabric is loose enough to keep you warm, down to no less than ten degrees

Mens Cream Vertical Striped Design Cardigan

Those who want to have a formal look and are of a dark complexion or usually go out at more important moments of the day, be careful with this color: In the area of ​​the elbows of the sleeves, they have two horizontal semi-spherical edges tinted in a black color, which stands out with the design of the garment and gives it that famous touch

It is ideal to wear on cloudy days, not on sunny days . By having a too light tonality, wearing it during the day is not going to look bad, but it will not look so noticeable, that you do lower the light a bit, drawing more attention at first glance. If you want an exclusive striped design cardigan for spring stage , choose this model

Mens khaki vertical stripe design cardigan

One of the star colors of autumn . You can wear it in a more minimalist way by combining it with black pants, and in a more extravagant and striking way, combining it with light blue. Those typical autumn festivals, such as patron saint festivities celebrated in Spain, and as long as it is at night times, not so much during the day , a male cardigan in khaki color can never fail.

If you are one of those men who has pants and shirts of many colors, you are in luck: this color is one of the most suitable when combining it. The buttons of this model are tinted in black and have a design of vertical lines that are not so close together, which differs that accessory of the garment from the rest. Those men who live in mixed weather zones, and not purely tropical, choose this model

Why buy cardigans in our online store?

Do you know which is the only online site on the net that groups together the largest number of online stores that sell their respective cardigans? Just from you read us, here, in . This is going to have a brutal impact, not only on its availability, but also on the variety of colors, designs of all kinds and different types of prices . What a model in a store seems expensive, another with similar characteristics can look 30% cheaper. We directly do that work for you, so you have nothing to worry about. Before explaining this to you, we want you to know that in addition to collaborating with the stores you see, in the future we will collaborate with more: yes Shein, yes Zara, yes Asos, yes Loft, yes Zalando …This is like the rate of unlimited gigabytes that companies give us, well the same: a catalog of cardigan stores at the height of the largest, which we say, the largest in the entire network!

Collaboration with exclusive brands of the GUCCI style, that is to say, highly prestigious brands , is also guaranteed by having landed in cardiginist territory . How does the stock work on our online site? Understanding it is relatively simple, you will see: Amazon, the online store par excellence, is available from our store. It has a catalog of male and female cardigans super varied in prices, colors and designs. This catalog, of course, had to be here too.If the transaction is made from, the Amazon department in the United States, your order will be carried out very quickly in terms of delay and the moderate price to pay for the shipping cost, not exceeding the 5 dollars. On the other hand, if you leave the US and go to a nearby country, which we know, Mexico, and order your order from from there, the shipping toll to pay will be higher.

This that we have just told you is a typical example that you will find if that same product that you do not have available in, if it is the same or with similar characteristics in or any other department, such as from India or Singapore. Obviously, the further you are from the United States, the more tedious the shipping process will be, requiring much more arduous transportation, and therefore, higher shipping costs, which can rise above $ 10 . Another example: if you visit us from Australia and your model is not available on, you will automatically go to the department that does have it in stock and as close as possible to incur the lowest possible shipping cost.

It is very common to visit a store, one of our trust, waiting for that model to be available. When it is not, we put our hands to our heads. As a result of ignorance, you may be wasting an opportunity to obtain at that precise moment that same model or with very similar details. With us, this will not happen to you. By the way, the receipt of your orders on Amazon , if you are an Amazon Prime customer, many of the cardigans will go to free shipping and an order receipt of less than 24 hours . Standard deliveries , 48/72 hours . And if the purchase is international , the order takes between 5-7 working days, and may take longer depending on what month of the year you request it, such as the days leading up to Christmas or in the middle of Christmas

With this that we have just told you, you can already imagine the amount of benefits that acquiring a cardigan with us has: not only the indefinite stock and immediate guaranteed availability, but also the shipping classes of all tastes, from the most standard at the most express, with less late or later shipping delays in one case or another, the most important parcel services nationally and internationally, the safest means of payment in the market, the most flexible forms of payment, so that have your cardigan in your hands at all costs, the most up-to-date consumer policies on the market, access to promotions and discounts, and customer service 24/7 365 days a year. We are at your service in good times, in bad times, in worst, unconditionally! One of the most convoluted details, in addition to the stock as we already told you beforehand, is the shipping methods that you have in the respective stores and which parcel companies intervene in each of them:

Let’s suppose that you place your order at , one of the leading stores for the sale of cardigans, with which we will of course collaborate. On this occasion, we are going to talk to you about instant payment: once you click on “add to cart”, the one from all stores, and always selecting in advance the size that best fits your torso,You can carry out your operation being registered as a user or as a guest, without the need to register. If you register in this store, you will have the opportunity to have access to an exclusive card from them, which allows you to add points to later redeem them in the purchase of another garment or another cardigan that you have seen that you like, but more reduced in its price. The more points you add, the more percentage of price reduction you will get . This is something many stores in the industry offer, not just Nordstrom. When you see the guest window, at the bottom you get something that says “international shipping”. Nordstrom ships to up to 200 countries

That means virtually wherever you are, you can get your cardigan purchased from The same applies to other stores, which may have more or less list of countries allowed for shipping . Logically, each country is a world and depending on where you order it, it may cost you more or less shipping. For example, if you visit us from Vanuatu, shipping can cost about $ 40. On the other hand, if you come from the Bahamas, the shipping can be raised just over 40 dollars , all this without costing something that we will tell you below. The delivery delay will depend on whether that same store where you order your order is residing there or located thousands of kilometers away. In one case or another, the shipping delay will vary, the same with the price to pay for the shipping cost.In all stores, whichever you go to, if you want an express delivery service, with shipping delays of a maximum of one week, each store can offer you a comfortable or lower shipping cost than normal.

This is what happens, for example, at . Depending on where you are, the shipping cost to pay for an express service can rise above 50 dollars. On the other hand, if you are currently traveling in Spain and have seen that model that you like in the Asos catalog, you will have to pay a shipping cost of no more than ten dollars. What in Argentina, with the same shipping delay, costs $ 50, here it costs no more than $ 10 . Each store is different, but what we do want you to know is two things: First, if that country has tougher laws, say, like the Bahamas or Cuba, the shipping costs may be high. Other more flexible countries in this aspect such as Mexico or Spain itself, international shipments will come at a not very high shipping cost. In international shipments you will inherently receive the services of the two most important parcel companies globally: DHL and UPS

Whatever the store where you get your cardigan, as soon as your shipment is international, for example an order made in Mexico and that comes from a store in the United States, you will fully receive the services of these two parcel companies, being able to receive, in this particular case, in addition to the services of DHL or UPS, other express transport services of recognized airlines such as Aeromexico or American Airlines . The delivery delays for hospital admissions shipments can take from two weeks to a maximum of one month or more than one month, if you do your order in Chinese stores like Shein or Aliexpress. The good thing about these two stores is that shipping, even being international and with DHL or UPS service, you do not have to incur a very high shipping cost, unless you choose an express delivery. The bad thing is that the delay is greater, and that same price that you pay in another store, instead of taking a month, it takes you two weeks, but that same cardigan, in one store and another, is more expensive. One of lime and one of sand. As you can see, it will depend a lot on how patient you are, the budget you have or personal preferences to choose one store or another.

In all the stores you have the safest means of payment that generate the greatest confidence in the customer: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal , and others less known such as Discover, JCB or Union Pay. By entering the data of said bank debit or credit cards, in addition to the country where you live, postal code, names and surnames, telephone number, shipping preferences, your credentials, such as passport or DNI (national identity document in Spain ), you will be able to make the payment super quickly.If in certain stores you pay a monthly or annual fee, as with Amazon Prime, you will enjoy free international shipping or shipments in the same country more quickly, access to discounts on many cardigans and even a consumer policy still more flexible . This payment method, the instant one, is the one most used by the general public to get their cardigan right now.

Even so, certain models of prestigious brands such as GUCCI, not accessible to the public, it is essential to acquire them with a different form of payment , somewhat more flexible, avoiding having to pay all the money at once. You will be able to do this, as all stores offer payment methods known as “pay later” or “payment in installments” . If you are a Paypal customer or have access to one of their exclusive cards that they give you for being a member of them, you can pay for cardigans in most stores in four installments . The time to pay it, in some stores or others, may be longer or shorter. For example is 4 installments in six weeks, which would be a payment every 10 days approximately. In other stores, they offer us 4 installments but for 90 days, that is, three months, or what is the same, twelve weeks. Generally, it does not usually include interest , but if you carry out your transaction in, you can have up to 1 year or more of payment in installments, something that very few stores in the sector offer you, and this time incurring some extra interest

This is interesting for all those people who have a tight budget , do not have all the money available, but want that model right now to give it away on some special date that is approaching, such as Christmas Day or the birthday of your mother or your bride. In more expensive models, such as those of the Italian brand Gucci, for example, you will be able to pay it for more than twelve months, but know that the more months you choose, the higher final interest you will have to pay for the same. In other words, a final amount of more you will have to pay for it. Fewer months, a higher monthly payment, but a lower final interest; more interest, less monthly payment, but a higher final interest . Another of the payment methods that you will be able to enjoy in situ in our online store, is that of thePick up your cardigan at the store . How does this work?

It is explained in different sections of our online store: imagine that you are going to place your order, following the example from before, at . Just below the feed of the page where you will be able to choose the cardigan color and the desired size, you will be able to see the option to send to the postal code where you proceed, or to pick up at the closest online store depending on where you live. We explain a much simpler method to see if you really have physical locations near you or not, know the exact distance they are and how long you can take going by car or bus, recommending in all our sections that you go to Google Maps, whose distance calculation is accurate like no other store in the sector, and it adapts to the distance parameter used in your country: yes, feet, yes, miles, yes, kilometers, etc. In Nordstrom it indicates the miles, but in Maps you will be able to know where you are interested in spending more, if you are going to have to take a commuter bus or your own car, to take the least time possible and incur the least expense gasoline possible

In sections of our page such as Gucci it is explained how to carry out this process. In short: if it is in stock, you will be able to spend it the same day in just a couple of hours, between the time it takes to receive your order, pack it and wrap it as a gift, if you have requested it . This payment option is interesting for those people who cannot wait several days to receive their cardigan or want to make their transaction in black, that is, who want to pay for their cardigan in cash or cash on delivery. Once you arrive at the store, in most cases with the proof of purchase or giving your name, surname and ID, and having the money in hand, you will have in your hands the cardigan that you have been waiting for so long. More payment methods, less known, is that you can do it through a national or international transfer, both being subject to extra commission charges. All your orders have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which can go up to 60 days, 90 days or more than that, if you place your order in mid-November, before Christmas , having the possibility of returning your cardigan up to on January 31

Last but not least, it is something VERY IMPORTANT that you have to know from now on if you do not want to be surprised when ordering your order in a certain store: Many of the cardigans may come from abroad. For example, if you are from the US but the order is exported from China, if you place your order on, and you buy an exclusive model or make a mass purchase that raises your spending above a hundred dollars , then this is going to affect you fully . We refer to customs taxes or customs duties, something that many stores go unnoticed and include it in the famous “small print”. Many owners of these stores, knowing that this can put customers back, do not decide to comment on it to some extent. We, beyond purchasing purposes, want to be transparent to you and that you, and all our users, do not put their hands on their heads

If it is indeed the case that it comes from China and the expense is greater than 100 dollars, assume that you will have to pay that amount of money. What amount? It will depend on the total amount of money you spend. The higher the figure above $ 100, the higher customs duties you will have to incur . The order arrives at the most important airport in the country, where it is thoroughly reviewed. Until you make this payment, the carrier cannot pick up the order. If in a certain time you do not pay such amount of money, the order will return back to the country of origin from where it was exported, leading to the fact that that money cannot be recovered, if you are out of time for the return guarantees established by the policies from the particular store or vendor. More doubts regarding this tribute, contact us and we will resolve all the uncertainties

What are the current cardigans prices?

When it comes to discerning the costs of cardigans, keep in mind that they are all estimates, since each store is different, and what in one can cost $ 100, in another can cost $ 70 Either you have a discount code to use in one yes and another no, or that product is discounted in one store, yes and not in another

That said, to know what average prices you are going to find in the cardigans of the respective stores, you are going to take into account the type of stitching you have, that is, if it is cotton or cashmere, and if the one and the other is personalized. another for decorative purposes of imitation or real gold . This is an example, you can include any other type of embroidery, for the purpose of imitation or authenticity. With these two simple parameters, you can know what approximate cost you are going to find in one cardigan or another:

Those models of cardigans with cotton finishes or standard threads, without any customizations of any kind throughout the entire structure of the garment , you will find the cheapest cardigans on the market, with a cost range of between $20-$200. A value close to 200 dollars, will be destined to that model that cannot be added customizations but does have an organic type coat, such as goat or sheep fodder. If you have both included, the price rises above $ 200. For those who are traveling in Spain or any other country that uses a local currency with which they are not familiar , go to You will go from dollars to euros, from US dollars to Australian dollars or whatever you want, in a few seconds

Those models of cardigans with real leather or cashmere finishes, with the possibility of adding customizations throughout any area of ​​the garment , you will find the most expensive cardigans on the market, with cost ranges between $200-$600. A value close to 500 dollars, will go to that cashmere model. We put that $100 margin because if it is cashmere, and you add personalization to all of it, then the value can be raised to $ 600 or more. A half price, about $300, model that includes the cashmere stitching but not 100% authentic

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